Les Volcans

A beautiful book, a wonderful story

This Clermont-Ferrand institution almost never made it to its 50th anniversary. But that was without taking into consideration the perseverance and passion of its employees. It’s 2013 and, along with 56 other bookshops across France, Les Volcans has gone into compulsory liquidation. Emotions are running high because, for almost half a century, this place has been frequented by those passing through, regular readers, emerging authors and stars of the publishing scene, who’ve all come time and time again to discuss, advise and sign books. By February 2014, the library closes its doors due to a lack of buyer. And then, there’s a tiny four-lettered miracle that arrives: SCOP, or rather, a co-op, participatory company. Basically, this means that it’s the employees who are calling the shots. No one really believed it would happen, yet it’s clear that not only is Les Volcans still here today – and so too are its 44 staff members – but business is also booming.

Book signings for well-known authors are organised more or less every week, along with exhibitions too, inside this book shop that covers 1,683m2. Showcases have been held here exceptionally, because yes, Les Volcans also has a selection of records on sale. Don’t worry, you’re not in the middle of some kind of cultural hypermarket. Customers remain loyal thanks to the stellar advice and friendly service. A customer such as yourself will have no problem in finding that special something. And when it comes to graphic novels and mangas, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always head to Momie Librairie or Esprit BD instead, who both have a huge range dedicated to the ninth art.

Nico Prat



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